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Celebrity look-a-likes of Ariana and Pheebles [27 Aug 2006|02:00am]


One Pheeb's list: Ayumi Hamasaki, Ashley Tisdale, Helena Bonham Carter, Ashton Kutcher, and Gale Harold. Hahaha! Pheebip looks like Brian from QAF, Ivan! lol

In Pheeb related news, he's a big kindergartener now!

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Exclusive Video from Joja [11 Jun 2006|02:17pm]

[ mood | lol ]


Pheeb and Ariana's take on Pink Floyd.


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Go shorty, its your birthday! [01 Jun 2006|01:30pm]

[ mood | YAY! ]


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Update! [23 Mar 2006|08:59pm]

[ mood | groomy ]

I apologize for the long hiatus on Pheeb_fan. With our favorite Pheeb a good 500 miles away, I rarely have any info on his daily Pheebistries. Please be patient! We'll be up and running again soon! Who knows, maybe I'll make a webcomic. I mean, Pheebcomic.

Love, Annie

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pheeb art and names [20 Dec 2005|05:12pm]


Pheebip created a self-portrait.

Anyway, I promised you all loyal members many moons ago that I'd give you your names in Pheebinese. He specifically told me the right ways to say them. So! Here we go!

Sal- pronounced "sow"
Meghan- pronounced "miggen"
Matt- pronounced "matt" (sorry lol)
Christina- pronounced "kisstina"
Linda- pronounced "winda"
Emily- pronounced "emma-ree"
Ivan- pronounced "eye-ban"
Rey- pronounced "wey"
Beth- pronounced "bef"
Lissette- pronounced "wiss-et"
Brian- pronounced "bye-nin"

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Tao of Pheeb [18 Dec 2005|11:17pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Since I'm presently located in Joja, I thought I'd pick up on Pheeb fan. Its lengthy absence was due to an unfortunate busyness with unnecessary things like work and school. Pheeb is my number one love.

So, since I haven't much to offer by way of Pheebinese this evening, (which will be resumed asap), I will leave you with something very Pheebsightful.

As he was building a home of play-doh, he asked...

"Eez dish how huwwicanes make howzes go way?"

 I tried to explain the force of wind and rain, but he truly feels that hurricanes stomp on houses because of what he saw on the news this fall.

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Pheeb 101 [10 Oct 2005|02:22pm]


Afternoon! I'm going to start our Pheebinese lesson today. We will cover the basics and some Pheeb sentence structure. Firstly, in order to speak Pheebinese, you'll need to suspend your knowledge of proper syntax and polite speaking.

Let's begin with some words imperative to Pheeb culture.

  1. aeopwane- (a-oh-pwane) translation: airplane; Pheeb is very fond of airplanes. You will hear this word quite often in his vocabulary.
  2. cah- (kah) translation: car; Pheeb is also quite fond of motor vehicles. He likes to crash them and put them in order according to size and color.
  3. fyowoks- (fye-o-walks) translation: fireworks; Pheebip does NOT like fireworks, but he thinks they're pretty.
  4. haya- (hay-ah) translation: hair; Pheeb does not like his hair brushed, cut, or touched. Watch out!
  5. shoat- (show-t) translation: shirt; Pheeb loves shirts. His favorites include his airplane and dump truck one.
  6. Shuddup!- (shud-up) translation: Shut up; Pheebip is mad because you did something he didn't like, whether you meant to or not.

Those are words you'd be guaranteed to hear at least once an hour.

Now for some basic pronunciation.

  1. In Pheebinese, all words pronounced with a "V" will sound like "B". For example, movie becomes "moobie", T.V. becomes "TEEBEE", and seven becomes "sebben".
  2. Words pronounced with "TH" will sound like "D". There becomes "dere".
  3. Words pronounced with "R" will sound like "W". Tree becomes "twee" and truck becomes "twuck".
  4. Pheeb has trouble pronouncing "CH". Depending on the word, it may sound like "K", "TR", or "S".

In knowing these things, you might be able to form a sentence in Pheebinese. Let's begin with something simple.

"I love you."

Now, knowing the rules of Pheeb, how would this sentence be pronounced?

"I lubb you."

If you got that, you're already on your way to speaking Pheebinese!

Let's try something a little harder.

"I want to watch a video and eat all the food."

That would become...

"I want to wats a bideo an' eat all duh food."

Did you get that? Great!

NEXT LESSON: How to say your name in Pheeb.


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Welcome to Pheebtopia [05 Oct 2005|08:55pm]

[ mood | Pheeb ]

Hi! Looks like you've joined Pheeb!

**This is a Pheeb-loving community. No Pheeb-bashing will be tolerated.**

Welcome and enjoy! In a few days, I will offer lessons in Pheebinese. For those of you already fluent, feel free to join in on the lessons.

<3 Annie

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